Industrial boilermaking, it is a sector in continuous growth.

Industrial boilermaking is a process through which the metal construction of practically any type of element that requires maximum resistance can be carried out.

Our sector is in good health and enjoys a huge demand today, since there are many elements that can be obtained through a set of systems that allow the construction of highly resistant elements and are aimed on the one hand , endure in the most demanding situations, and on the other hand guarantee maximum durability over time.

Basic conception

Its functionality is fundamentally based on the mechanical manufacture of all types of ducts and tanks focused on the storage and transport of products in solid, liquid or gaseous state. In addition, within heavy boilermaking we also have shipbuilding and the construction of metal structures of all kinds, so basically we are talking about the use of mechanical means with the aim of creating large structures for very diverse uses.

It should be noted that as a general rule, the most frequent is to work silos, tanks, as well as beams and rolled steel, although obviously we have a wide range of alternatives that have been developed within the industry.

In order to work metal in an industrial boilermaking company, it is necessary to have all kinds of heavy machinery such as that currently available at Samartec98, from presses, shears, cutting torches powered by oxygen, acetylene or propane to roller machines with different characteristics. , as well as welding machines that can be both manual and automatic. 

All these processes always go through some very specific in-depth reviews, so for example X-rays and ultrasounds are usually used in order to check that the welds and materials are in perfect condition before continuing with the process and, for Of course, before making it available to the client, since we operate with elements that may even contain hazardous materials, so we must have all the guarantees that we will have products that guarantee maximum resistance and top quality finishes.

The applications of industrial boilermaking today

Our sector has a wide range of applications today, and in this sense we can start by talking, for example, about the possibility of building tanks that aim to house from feed to liquids such as water, products that are not dangerous or harmful, etc. ., or even can also be used to store flammable, toxic or highly dangerous chemicals, in the same way that they can also be used to store fertilizers, fertilizers, gas and many others.

However, as we have pointed out, industrial boilermaking is not only focused on the construction of boilers, cisterns, silos and the like, but also carries out processes such as the manufacture of ducts thanks to which it is possible to transfer any type of compound including those that pose great danger, and a good example in this regard are gas pipelines that help move gas between different countries, which may be on land or even submerged in the sea, which means that As we can see, we are going to have many different alternatives and options when it comes to finding a casing that is effectively useful to us for the project we have in mind.

And in the same way there are also various constructions and elements that arise from the industrial boilermaking of which we highlight the shipbuilding, and here the oil tankers and ships to transport gas are two of the greatest examples for dangerous products.

We will also be able to transport other elements that pose as much risk as water or we can even build amazing buildings, such as suspension bridges, structures for large buildings or that need to defy the laws of gravity, and a functionality that for a few years It is in great demand, such as art and metal sculptures or signage and signage.

In short, our sector offers a wide range of possibilities and applications of structures that require maximum strength and the use of materials and processes thanks to which the maximum guarantees are obtained in terms of both resistance and durability over time.

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