Metal sculptures

One of our specializations is the performance of specific works for the manufacture of metal sculptures.

These works require great precision and at Samartec98 we have the resources, machinery and quality protocols required for the guaranteed delivery of this type of specialized development and with impeccable finishes.

This product is in increasing demand both in the private and public sectors, so we develop small or medium-sized projects to locate both in the garden of a home and large ones to implement in any public area.

When discussing the types of metal sculptures, it is necessary to consider the kinds of metal that can be used and the variety of shapes that are modeled for different purposes.

The most common metals used in sculpture are steel, bronze, copper, and iron, the latter being one of the most common types of metal on the planet.

In Samartec98 the most common metal used for this type of project is steel since it is the best option for outdoor use given its strength and durability.

Metal sculptures can take as many shapes as they exist in nature, as well as abstract shapes, the main categories of outdoor metal sculptures include wild animals, religious motifs, pets, birds, water-related fauna such as turtles, sea horses and fishes; also people, fountains, connected cartoons, landscapes, still life, leaves, flowers or trees.

In the following image gallery we show you a selection of the best works of the human imagination that adorn the streets of different cities around the world.

Monuments of talented sculptors who create wonderful works of art in metal, demonstrating how far the possibilities of this type of creation can go.
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