Samartec design. Our new division specialized in interior design and exclusive handmade furniture.

“Everything is design, and the quality of design affects the quality of our lives.” Norman Foster

At Samartec98, he distinguishes us and defines the quality of each of our products and the attention and service that we offer to our clients in each of the work carried out.

That is why after years of development and implementation of thousands of projects in companies and homes, we expanded and improved our offer with our new Samartec design division.

With its own and defined structure, this is our area specialized in the creation of exclusive high-end handcrafted furniture.

Your environment is unique and personal, that is why each piece we manufacture is made thinking what you want and need.

Each piece will be the protagonist, standing out wherever it is located and you will always have the assessment of our designers.

With a firm commitment to neutral tones, simple lines, visual cleanliness and natural light, each of our creations will bring an unbeatable, special and distinctive stamp to your home, your bar or restaurant, your office, your garden ...

We also offer you our wide selection of letters and board signs for your business, with and without light, small or large, for interior or exterior, and in any  font, they always blend into the environment and offer an added point of elegance, to the give volume to the graph they represent.

You already have at your disposal on this website to purchase our first collection of high quality handcrafted furniture online.

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