Fulfilled projects


Industrial laundry.

Manufacture of calenders and joining parts for ironing clothes with tolerances (+ -2mm) including heat treatment for stabilization.

We take into account parameters such as functionality, geometry, working temperature, cost and all those specifically required by the customer.


Displacement of large sheets.


The great technological investment of our company in our cylinder machines allows us to offer high efficiency products, improving the performance and profitability of our projects.

Cylinders thick plates with differents ups and witdthes. Our displacement system allows rounding and calibration of tubes for subsequent machining. We also bend decorative pieces, tanks and other conical pieces.


Sheet bending.

We perform different types of folding providing millimeter accuracy and the exact pressure for each project.

Dimensions and thickness:

. Up to 1mt wide and 20mm thick
. Up to 1.5mt wide and 15mm thick
. Up to 4mt wide and 8mm thick